Multinucleate cells and micronucleus formation in cultured human cells exposed to 12 MeV protons and gamma-rays.


Cultured human cells of the EUE line were exposed to different doses of 12 MeV protons, plated and allowed to grow for 8 days; colonies were then scored for the presences of multinucleate cells and micronuclei. The frequency of both effects is an increasing function of the dose; the evaluated exponents of the dose-response equation (e = bDn) are n = 1.0 %/- 0.1 for multinucleate cells and n = 1.6 +/- 0.1 for micronuclei. By comparison with the results obtained with gamma irradiations, r.b.e. values were obtained for both effects. The correlation between the logarithm of the surviving fraction and the yield of the studied effects has been proved to be statiscally significant.


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