Laxity Based Algorithm for Reducing Power Consumption in Distributed Systems


It is now critical to reduce the consumption of natural resources, especially petroleum to resolve air pollutions. Even in information systems, we have to reduce the total electrical power consumption. A cloud computing system is composed of a huge number of server computers like google file systems. There are many discussions on how to reduce the total power consumption of servers, e. g. by turning off servers which are not required to execute requests from clients. A peer-to-peer (P2P) system is another type of information system which is composed of a huge number of peer computers where various types of applications are autonomously performed. In this paper, we consider a P2P system with data transfer application like the file transfer protocol (FTP). A computer consumes the electric power to transfer a file to another computer depending on the bandwidth. We discuss a model for power consumption of data transfer applications. A client peer has to find a server peer in a set of server peers which holds a file so that the power consumption of the server is reduced. We discuss algorithms to find a server peer which transfers file in a P2P overlay network.


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